Commercial Leasing

Today’s market and economic landscape brings about a variety of complex issues that affect both landlords and tenants. Be it bankruptcies, lease restructuring, co-tenancy issues or creating the right tenant mix, Gammon International is well equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to handle any potential issue that may arise during commercial lease negotiations. We provide comprehensive market valuations to determine a competitive lease rate as well as a thorough analysis of the subject property and its neighboring competition.

Our knowledgeable investment team understands market fundamentals and the economic conditions that affect them. Whether you are a property owner or a business looking for space to lease, we will provide you with leasing strategies that will minimize your risk while maximizing your return on investment.

Our Leasing Services extend to:


  • A comprehensive property and market valuation in determining a competitive lease rate
  • An all encompassing marketing plan and on-going evaluation program to successfully solicit your property to the optimal demographic
  • Conducting viewings to potential tenants
  • Working diligently with other leasing agents during lease negotiations and post-acceptance of offers
  • Providing up to date information to the landlord on the leasing process


  • Identifying and understanding the tenants business demographic, budgetary constraints and placement requirements
  • Sourcing out and recommending the most ideal locations
  • Reviews and assessments of client requirements in a volatile market
  • Cooperating while providing an aggressive approach in lease negotiations with other leasing agents and brokers.
  • Assist in providing direction and knowledge in tenant improvements, permits and any other requirements during the fixturing period
  • A knowledgeable team of Agents who understand market fundamentals and the conditions in the economy that affect them